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About us

Leather Code

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Thanassis Patapis
Thanassis Patapis/ Owner & Leather Carver /

Brand Artist

Vicky Patapis
Vicky Patapis/ Brand Artist & Purse Designer /

Who we are

A few years ago, during the global economy crisis, labor data changed in our country, so, under guidance from a friend, my wife and I decided to experiment with creating leather keychains decorated using pyrography.

What a sensation! A vivid material was taking shape in our own hands, becoming a wonderful accessory that you can always carry around!

As this feeling grew inside us, we decided to participate in a class that eventually taught us how to handle even better our newly beloved material. Our passion drove us into expanding our creations to include wallets, tablet cases, purses, bags, and any every-day accessory that one might use. Today, we have our own leather accessory company, carrying on with the same love, to design accessories that we want you to love.

Genuine materials and careful work became our code of communication with our clients! Our leather code.