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Leather Code

Handcrafted unique leather products

Authentic leather products
perfectly designed for style lovers.

Custom made

With your Name

Custom Stamps on Leather Pieces

Stand out from the crowd with a unique leather asset, or make an unforgettable gift to the ones you love!

Create an impact
with your brand logo

Elevate your business to the next level by putting your logo on high-quality leather accessories to sell or give away. Communicate your brand's personality and ensure a lasting impression on your customers and their friends!

Sample Brand Name for Leather Embrossing

Handmade & Unique

We personally design and create our handmade leather products. Each one is genuinely beautiful and unique, just like you!

Custom Orders

Personalized gifts, tailor made for your loved ones, or for your brand, with your name or logo on everything from a keychain to a handbag!

Durable materials

High quality is our standard. We use strong, authentic leathers that are durable and lasting, so that you enjoy our products for a long time to come.

Custom leather creations for your business,
or to impress your friends!

1. You send us your logo or name

2. We create customized accessories with your brand logo or name on them!

3. You impress your clients or friends!

Specially made for You

High quality leather products, guaranteed to last a lifetime!


  • Spring Bag
  • Traveller Bag Tabac
  • Traveller Bag Red
  • Priska bag


  • Ethan case
  • Tablet case beige suede
  • Tablet case white
  • Device cases
Find your next accessory today!


Genuine materials and careful work is our code of communication. Our leather code!

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